2019 Big Book Summer Challenge


This will be my second year to participate in the Big Book Summer Challenge, hosted by Sue of Book by Book. This is a community of summer readers who commit to reading at least one “big book” on their lists. In short:

  • Anything 400 pages or more qualifies
  • It runs Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • You can read as many as “big books” as you want
  • You can blog and/or join the Goodreads Big Book Summer Challenge group as we have ongoing discussion about what we’re reading and what’s next on our list.

If you think you might be interested in joining in, please check out Sue’s 2019 Big Book Summer blog post for full details.


This summer I quickly went through the books I own and that I have checked out. I only expect to finish 2 or 3, but I came up with the following stack of 10 books to thumb through each month:

  • White Oleander (not pictured, on order) – 613 pages, large print
  • Monday’s Not Coming (not pictured, Overdrive) – 439 pages
  • Breakout (not pictured, ILL) – 441 pages
  • Jellico Road – 419 pages
  • Scythe – 433 pages
  • Watership Down – 426 pages
  • Becoming – 421 pages
  • A Voice in the Wind – 522 pages
  • All the Light We Cannot See – 531 pages
  • The Great Alone – 438 pages

The ones in bold were placed on my #MustReadin2019 list back in January, so I’ll try to finish at least two of these over the summer. Again, if you think you might be interested in joining in, please check out Sue’s 2019 Big Book Summer blog post for full details, the link-up, and the URL to the Goodread’s group.

10 thoughts on “2019 Big Book Summer Challenge

  1. Welcome back to the Big Book Summer Challenge, Shaye!! So excited you decided to join the fun again 🙂

    Wow, what a great stack to choose from! Great Alone and All the Light You Cannot See were both excellent – definitely recommended. I LOVE Neal Schusterman and haven’t read Scythe yet – I do usually include some YA choices for my own Big Book Summer but had SO many others on my shelf!

    And I really want to read Becoming, too, but on audio – I’ve heard it’s even better read by Michelle.

    Enjoy your Big Books this summer – hope you have some time this weekend to dive in!



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    1. I have both All the Light You Cannot See and Scythe on my “must read” list, so I hope, hope, hope I can squeeze them both in before September. This just so happens to be an unusual summer as we’ve decided to get our house ready to put on the market (we’re in our 14th year of living here, so it’ll tough doing such a quick overhaul). If it doesn’t sell, then we’ll supposed we’re suppose to stay here for now. Anyway, all the prep work is eating into my reading time. LOL


  2. This challenge is so well, in depth but also very exciting. Think of how many pages we’ll have tackled/devoured/been enlightened by, at summer’s end. It’s really exciting. In fact, the challenge is what got me to sign up for my own book blog.

    Best of luck to you!

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